First 2007 Cup of Excellence

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Auction Lot – NicaraguanWell tomorrow is the first Auction Lot for the 2007 Cup of Excellence program. It is a 6 hour online auction process, and after this is complete, Fratello Coffee Co. will be the proud owner of Nicaraguan’s finest coffee. We will be bidding on the top 7 (out of 34) farms who qualified this year, and we are gunning for #1.Guatemala is the next action taking place; however, this doesn’t happen until mid June. We will also be bidding on the top farms (out of 18) that qualified this year.For those of you, who don’t know about this program, please read the PDF attached out lining what this award is about.The photos show my self and Dariusz Zajdel cupping and discussing this program with Paul Leighton, former Specialty Coffee Association of America President (SCAA). You can also see how many samples, as well, how we receive the samples of COE from the regions being auctioned.Very exciting times.Russ P.