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We love coffee and want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with our wholesale clients to help grow an appreciation for great coffee among the general public. Here at Fratello, we are eager to work with any partners that share our dedication to coffee and help them to bring the best coffee experience to their patrons.

Our business is about more than just roasting beans —our consultants are experienced professionals who can guide independent café owners in all aspects of their business. From initial consultations for entrepreneurs who are opening a new location to educating the owners of existing cafés about the details of selecting products and equipment, our clients who use our coffees, have full access to our team of coffee professionals.

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Café Services


Espresso and Coffee Equipment

Roasting great coffee requires a lot of care and attention and we want to make sure we offer the very best tools to our customers. The right Espresso machines and coffee brewing equipment are integral parts of a thriving café business and are necessary to do justice to carefully chosen coffee products. Fratello works with clients to select the right equipment selections based on a business’s needs and budget. Options include the craftsmanship and perfection of the Slayer Espresso machine, the reliability of the Nuova Simonelli, the integrity of Fetco brewers, Mazzer grinder and artisan by-the-cup brewers such as Chemex and Hario.

We also pay special attention to important details like water filtration and all the accessories needed for a fully equipped espresso bar. We help with the service and support of all the equipment we sell and take pride in working with local service companies who’s technicians offer 24-hour emergency support. Please take a look at our Commercial Equipment page for more information on what we offer.


Café Consultation

We want the wholesale customers who buy our coffee to be able to brew and present it in the best way possible so that consumers can really taste the best of what Fratello coffee has to offer. Consultants work with clients to recommend the right coffee, the right equipment, and the right training, depending on each café’s particular needs. We educate clients about sourcing great coffee, understanding how to best store it, how to grind fresh on demand and prepare beverages correctly — we offer step-by-step direction so that their coffee is perfect every time.

Our professional consultants draw from backgrounds that bring together business experience and an intense passion for coffee. During the consulting process, we get to know about a café’s prospective or existing business, what customers they are looking to attract,

and how they envision preparing their coffee. We demonstrate all of the equipment options and advise on what will be best for any specific space and expected volume.

Fratello hosts, judges and competes at both local and national coffee competitions and we use this experience in training our wholesale clients to help them improve their own barista skills. We work with local clients both at our in-house training areas in Fratello and in their own businesses in all aspects of beverage preparation. From there, we offer on-going training in areas like latte art and alternative ways to prepare coffee by the cup in a café or restaurant. This training is included as part of our clients’ relationship with Fratello.


Coffee Seminars

We want to help people appreciate why we take such care when sourcing, roasting, and brewing our coffee. Fratello has a program of seminars that educates participants about the journey coffee takes to get to from the farm to cafés and their customers. Learn about the growing and processing of Fratello coffee and join us on a tour of our roasting facility. We do seminars demonstrating the process of cupping coffee,

which is a controlled method of evaluating each coffee we make to ensure the best roast profile for each coffee. Cupping is also a great way for customers to select the coffee that they would like to offer in their own establishments. We have many methods of brewing coffee we can teach as well and all of them can be adapted to work in a variety of business set-ups.

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