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A Family Legacy: Nearly 50 Years in Coffee Excellence.

"What I love about coffee is that it’s so involved and is an ever-changing industry, both on the roastery side and the green bean side. Fratello’s direct trade partners receive approximately 25-35% more money for their coffee than Fairtrade’s published rates." - Russ Prefontaine


It’s really nice to have the freedom to continue working on a coffee until you’ve put your stamp on it and say this is good enough for my standards and its good enough for the company."

Unyielding Excellence: Beyond the Third Wave

The term "Third Wave Coffee" often circulates in the industry, referring to a focus on transparency, sustainability, and artisanal methods. But at Fratello Coffee Roasters, we consider this merely a foundation, not a pinnacle of achievement. Our commitment to coffee craftsmanship goes far beyond industry buzzwords. With a heritage that spans over 38 years, we've evolved roasting from an art form to a finely-tuned science.
Our team, a cadre of seasoned professionals, is relentless in the quest for the perfect cup. It's not unusual for us to dedicate several months and extensive testing to unlock the full potential of a single coffee varietal. This level of meticulous care sets Fratello apart in a landscape increasingly filled with third-wave roasters.
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