Costa Rican Cup of Excellence - Lot #3

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Fratello Coffee just won the # 3 Lot of Costa Rican Celle de Copey – Cup of Excellencetoday. This was a HUGE achievement and the highest ranking coffee Fratello has every won. Jason was part of the jury down in Costa Rica this year and helped approving this coffee as being one of the top 5 that Costa Rica has to offer this year.

You can read more about this coffee here:

Look for this coffee to be available late this summer/early Spring. Some incredible coffees are available now and coming soon to Fratello…..a few of these are:

  • Brazilian Daterra Sweet Blue

Available now (and selling fast): READ more.

  • Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley – Organic

Available now: READ more.

  • Guatemalan Montecristol – Rainforest Alliance, Direct Trade, MicroLot

Available July: READ more.

  • Colombian Villarrica – Cup of Excellence #4

Available July/August: READ more.

  • Costa Rican Celle de Copey – Cup of Excellence #3

Available August/September: READ more.

These coffees are all limited quantities, so enjoy them while you can. There are a few other origins we are working on, each as exciting as the ones above. Looks like its going to be a tasty summer.