Retail Coffee Strategies: Maximizing Sales in Your Café

Boost your café's sales with our guide on retail coffee strategies, covering product placement, store design and customer engagement tips.

Retail Coffee Strategies: Maximizing Sales in Your Café

The retail coffee market is teeming with potential, presenting both opportunities and challenges for café owners.  Over the past 50 years, Fratello Coffee has been involved with many retail coffee strategies and have seen how they can maximize sales in your cafe.  A well-planned retail strategy can significantly impact sales and customer satisfaction. This guide delves into effective methods for enhancing your café's retail appeal.

Starbucks Retail Display

Starbucks' Approach to Retail Coffee Strategy

Starbucks exemplifies retail success in the coffee sector. Their strategies, including intentional store layouts and product displays, cater to local preferences, enhancing customer experience and sales. Emulating aspects of Starbucks' approach can be beneficial for your café.

Strategic Product Placement at Eye Level

  • Visibility is Key: Products placed at eye level are more likely to be purchased. This strategic positioning can lead to increased sales.
  • Optimal Store Design: Utilizing eye-level shelves for best-selling items can effectively capture customer attention.

Retail display

Grouping Complementary Products Together

  • Encouraging Bundle Purchases: By placing related products side by side, such as coffee beans next to filters, customers are more likely to buy them together.
  • Enhancing Shopping Experience: This approach not only boosts sales but also makes shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

Creating a Comfortable and Spacious Shopping Environment

  • Importance of Ambiance: A well-organized and inviting retail space encourages longer customer stays and potentially more purchases.
  • Layout Considerations: Wider aisles and clear displays contribute to a positive shopping experience.

Comfortable cafe 

Utilizing Color Psychology in Store Design

  • Influence of Colors: Different colors evoke different emotions and can impact purchasing decisions. For instance, green can symbolize health, ideal for organic products.
  • Creating Appeal: Choose colors that align with your brand and desired customer emotions to enhance the retail atmosphere.

Maximizing Visibility of Retail Sections

  • Accessible and Visible Retail Areas: Ensure that your retail section is prominently positioned, easy to access, and impossible to overlook.
  • Strategic Item Placement: Avoid placing retail items in areas that disrupt café flow, such as near the POS or pickup counters. 

Retail display in cafe

Stocking What You Serve

  • Cost-effective Retailing: Stock items already in use at your café, like your coffee blends or teas, which requires minimal additional investment.
  • Familiar Products to Customers: This strategy leverages products that your customers already know and love.

Offering a Range of Complementary Products

  • Expanding Retail Offerings: Include coffee-related products like pour-over devices, grinders, and kettles to attract coffee enthusiasts.
  • Becoming a Coffee Destination: Carefully selected complementary products can position your café as a hub for coffee lovers.

cafe retail display

Engaging Customers with Your Retail Offering

  • Staff Training: Educate your staff about the products to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Visual Merchandising: Use appealing displays to highlight the features and benefits of your products, making them more attractive to customers.


Adopting these retail strategies can revolutionize your café's customer experience. Focusing on strategic product placement, thoughtful store design, and active customer engagement can create a thriving retail environment that not only delights customers but also significantly boosts your sales.