New Colombian Bolivar Coffee: A Gem from Antioquia

New Colombian Bolivar Coffee: A Gem from Antioquia

Colombia has long been synonymous with world-class coffee, and the Colombian Bolivar coffee is no exception. Sourced from the verdant region of Antioquia and the picturesque municipality of Ciudad Bolívar, this extraordinary coffee embodies the rich history, culture, and fertile landscape of the area. In this introduction, we’ll explore the unique qualities of the Bolivar coffee, taking you on a journey through the lush terrain of Antioquia, and delving into the factors that make this region perfect for coffee cultivation.

Fratello Coffee’s Partnership with Racafe: Pursuing Sustainability and Excellence

Collaboration between Fratello Coffee and renowned Colombian coffee exporter Racafe demonstrates a common dedication to quality, sustainability, and solid ties with regional coffee growers. Through their relationship, they not only ensure the finest coffee, but also support coffee production that is environmentally friendly.

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Why Fratello Coffee Chose Racafe

  • Extensive Network: Racafe’s wide range of offices, mills, and export centers across Colombia allows for seamless sourcing from multiple regions.
  • Harvest Diversity: Colombia’s multiple harvest seasons and numerous small coffee producers create a unique challenge in sourcing coffee from Colombia. Racafe’s expertise in this area makes them an ideal partner for Fratello Coffee.
  • Shared Values: Both Fratello Coffee and Racafe prioritize long-term, sustainable relationships with coffee producers and are dedicated to environmental and sustainability programs that benefit local communities.

Colombia Bolivar Coffee Cup Profile

Experience the exquisite taste of Bolivar coffee, defined by its remarkable sensory attributes:

  • Fragrance, Aroma, and Flavor: Indulge in the delightful notes of chocolate and ripe fruit that permeate the fragrance, aroma, and flavor of Bolivar coffee.
  • Balance and Body: Savor the harmonious balance between fair acidity and a round body, which results in a smooth and satisfying cup.
  • Clean and Fresh Residual: The coffee’s clean and fresh residual taste leaves a pleasant and lingering finish on the palate.

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Ecological Data: The Foundations of Bolivar Coffee’s Quality

The outstanding cup profile of Bolivar coffee is a product of its exceptional agro-ecological conditions:

  • Altitude: 2000 – 2600 meters above sea level (masl)
  • Temperature: 16 – 24°C
  • Annual Rainfall: 2100 – 2400 mm
  • Drying Process: Sun-dried
  • Botanical Cultivars: Castillo, Catimore, and others
  • Soil Characteristics: Volcanic ashes
  • Wet Milling Process: Fully washed

The Enchanting Landscape of Antioquia and Ciudad Bolívar

Nestled in the heart of Colombia’s mountainous terrain, the region of Antioquia and its municipality of Ciudad Bolívar boast an array of natural wonders that make it an ideal location for coffee cultivation.

  • Altitude: The high altitude of Antioquia lends itself to the slow maturation of coffee cherries, allowing them to develop a complex and refined flavor profile.
  • Volcanic Soil: Rich in minerals and nutrients, the volcanic soil of Antioquia promotes the growth of healthy and robust coffee plants.
  • Climate: With a stable and temperate climate, Antioquia provides consistent rainfall and temperature, ensuring optimal growing conditions throughout the year.

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Bolívar: A Picturesque Municipality

  • Lush Scenery: Surrounded by flourishing vegetation and majestic landscapes, Ciudad Bolívar is an idyllic setting for coffee cultivation.
  • Historical Heritage: Known as the “Capital of the Southwest of Antioquia,” Ciudad Bolívar’s rich history is deeply intertwined with coffee production and local culture.

The Art of Coffee Cultivation in Bolívar

The people of Ciudad Bolívar have successfully positioned their municipality as a crucial center for both urban and rural development, thanks to their dedication to agriculture and commerce. Their expertise in coffee cultivation is evident in the following areas:

  • Skilled Farmers: Generations of skilled farmers have honed their craft, ensuring the cultivation of the highest-quality coffee beans.
  • Sustainable Practices: A strong emphasis on environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods preserves the natural beauty and resources of the region.

The Antioquia and Ciudad Bolivar region’s remarkable agro-ecological conditions and Fratello Coffee’s relationship with Racafe make the Bolivar coffee a promise of a delicious and sustainable sensory experience. Enjoy the complex flavour of this Colombian treasure and allow it to serve as a constant reminder of the passion and hard work that goes into each cup.

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