Godfather Espresso TM

Light Roast Espresso

REGION Guatemala Montecristo, Colombian Carnaval, Nicaraguan Los Placeres and Peru Organic COEX


DOSE 19.5 grams / 40 gram pour

Thick caramel aromas, with milk chocolate and sweet flavors.  Well balanced body with a lingering caramel aftertaste.

Our best selling espresso.  This is a rock solid coffee which preforms well as straight espresso, as well as in larger 16oz milk drinks. Godfather Espresso ™ is a blend created for the everyday coffee drinker, something trustworthy and reliable.

The components of Godfather Espresso™ are chosen for their ability to harmonize with each other as well as in milk. Consistency of flavour is the number one priority when we select the coffees and as we roast the blend.

Godfather Espresso ™ is also a delightful in a French Press or a drip-pot for those who prefer their drip coffee a little bit more robust and heavy bodied.  Serve it to your grandma or your lawyer, Godfather Espresso ™ is for everybody.



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