Steaming milk is an art form that can elevate your coffee experience. Achieving the perfect microfoam is key to both taste and latte art. This guide will help you master the technique.

Equipment You'll Need

  • Espresso machine with a steam wand
  • Stainless steel pitcher
  • Thermometer
  • Fresh, organic whole milk
  • Ceramic or paper cup

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Milk Measurement: Using a 12-oz. pitcher, fill it with about 10-oz. of milk. The level should be a pinky's width below the bottom of the nozzle.
  2. Wand Positioning: Angle the pitcher so that your steam wand is aimed diagonally into the milk's lower right.
  3. Initial Steaming: Place the tip of the wand a centimeter or two below the milk's surface and turn it on. You'll hear a tearing sound.
  4. Submerge and Whirlpool: After about two seconds, submerge the wand deeper to create a whirlpool motion necessary for microfoam.
  5. Temperature Check: Once your milk has reached between 140-145°F, turn off the steam wand, purge it, and wipe it clean.
  6. Final Texture: Tap the pitcher on a flat surface to break any remaining bubbles. Give it a few swirls; the texture should resemble wet paint or "white chrome."