El Salvador Cup of Excellence

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Fratello Coffee Co wins again!!!!

We participated in another Cup of Excellence (COE) auction and won our second FULL lot. This one is very small, only 12 bags. I assume this is going to arrive late August. This is a very exciting time. Fratello Coffee Co has always been about quality and we have always wanted to push the limits on quality, and finally, our market is starting to desire the same quality that our family has been raised on. To be able to source and supply our clients with the best coffees on the planet makes my job as a cupper/importer a lot more enjoyable. We can’t wait for you to taste this coffee.

Lot#: 11 Roberto Samuel Ulloa Vilanova – Divina Providencia

La Divina Providencia farm was acquired 4 years ago by Roberto Ulloa, fourth generation coffee grower, who transformed the farm from an almost abandoned plot due to the price crisis, to a farm that ranked among the top 23 lots to be auction on June 28th. Roberto is aware that he found a jewel when he purchased this farm, since the cup quality has shown remarkable performance at several cupping events in prior years, so he is now focusing in nurturing what Mother Nature already gave to this farm.

The farm is privileged to be located at the coffee golden belt well above 5,000 feet, blessed with rich volcanic soils and grown with nearly Bourbon and Kenya trees that reach an average of 40 years old. Since the day he bought it, he has been doing replanting activities, so far he has replanted 3.5 ha and he is renovating 4.9 more with Kenya variety which right now accounts for 2% of the farm, one day he expects to have only Kenya variety at his farm while leaving only the best Bourbon trees. He believes a lot in the quality of Kenya variety, which was introduced many years ago in the area by one of the most respected growers in those days. “It is not a high yielder but the quality is amazing… that’s what I’m looking for” he added.

Divina Providencia has been managed under conventional practices but also uses organic inputs as fertilizers, coffee tree pruning is appreciative and vegetative tissue is managed by multiple-stem method. Harvesting goes from February to April due to the microclimate and therefore slow maturing process. Common fauna of the region is also found here: Squirrels, armadillos, toucans, orioles, herons, hares and owls, among others. Roberto is also involved with the community and he donates pedagogic packages for the children in two schools near his farm.

Other Statistics:

Coffee varieties: 98% Bourbón, 2% Kenya

Type of Shade: Ingas Sp., pepeto peludo, trompillo, copalchí, laurel, San Andrés, zapote, avocado, limoncillo, cedar, etc.

Average Annual Rainfall: 2,300 mm

Average Temperature: 16º C

Type of Soil: Sandy loam

Annual Production: (60kg) 95 bags

Mill and company where lot was process: Beneficio Las Tres Puertas, J. Hill & Co.Fauna: Squirrels, armadillos, toucans, agouti, orioles, herons, hares and owls, among others

GPS Coordinates:Latitude: N 13º 52’ 13.12’’Longitude: W 89º 36’ 30.82’’P

roperty Characteristics:Farm: Divina Providencia

Farmer: Roberto Samuel Ulloa Vilanova

Rank: 11

City: Santa Ana

Region: Santa Ana

Country: El Salvador

Farm Size: 8.40 Hectares

Coffee growing area: 8.40 Hectares

Altitude: 1630 masl

Certification: None

Coffee Characteristics:

Variety: Bourbón

Processing System: Washed & Sun-dried

Lot Size: 12 bags

International Jury Score: 86.33

Cupping Number #: HLB-509

Winning Bidder: Fratello Coffee Co

Jury Descriptions: nice sweet coffee (12) black cherry (12),, full body (8), chocolate (12), coconut (1), caramel, clean (9), good fruit, juicy (2), blackberry, dry fruit (3), tobacco (3)Please Note: If a number appears in brackets next to a description it indicates the number of jurors that agreed with that particular decription.e auction on June 28th.