Chemex, Hario V60, French Press and Aeropress oh my!

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Please join us November 3rd 1-3pm at Fratello Coffee Roasters to explore 1 coffee brewed 4 ways!

chemex single serve coffee single serve coffee aeropress

single serve coffee french press

single serve coffee hario v60

We are going to take our award winning Costa Rican Rio Jorco Direct Trade coffee and show you how to prepare it 4 different ways. This class is all about discovering some simple, easy but really great alternative ways of brewing coffee in your café or restaurant or at home. There will be a chance to taste the coffee, try the brew methods yourself and a contest thrown in as well to win an Aeropress brewer!

Using a French Press, doing a Hario V60 pour-over, making a Chemex and preparing an Aeropress of your favorite Fratello coffee are all great ways to showcase the unique flavors of coffee. Each brewing method produces a different characteristic in the cup. We will demo each and taste the results. There will be lots of coffee to go around and a chance to pick up some of the brewers you will learn about and the coffee you will taste!

So don’t just set your automatic coffee maker! Let us show you the quality difference you can get by exploring these 4 brewing methods for yourself

We would love to know how many people will join us so please call the office and let us know you are coming!

Fratello main line: 403 265 2112

or email Kevin at kevin.mcconnell(at)

See you there!