The story of Analog

"When people get a coffee at Analog, I want them to have a true experience in every sense of the word. I want them to taste the coffee. I don’t want them to just drink the coffee."
For years we’ve worked closely with our wholesale café customers to educate them about what espresso-based beverages are all about and help them to create excellent café experiences. But what better way to show the world our vision for what a world-class café should be than to open one ourselves? Our cafés were created to give Fratello Coffee Roasters a direct voice to those who matters most: the people who drink and enjoy our coffee every day.

The idea of having our own café isn’t new. We’ve been talking about this concept for over 15 years, dating back to when we first purchased the roasting company from our parents in 1997. In March of 2011 we took the first step towards realizing this dream by opening Fratello’s Analog Coffee in the Calgary Farmers’ Market on Blackfoot Trail SE. In late 2012 we opened our flagship location, the stand-alone Analog location at 740-17th Ave SW. We’ve always believed that a coffee house should be much more than just a place to get your caffeine fix and with Analog, we believe we’ve created the perfect spot to retreat and enjoy a meticulously-prepared beverage. Since that time, we have continued to open new locations, and now have our 6th location scheduled to open Spring 2017.

We like to think of Analog as our stage; on which we have the opportunity to showcase all of our elite coffees. The intricacies of which are highlighted by careful preparation, using only the worlds best brewing equipment and techniques by professional baristas who share our passion for exceptional coffees with dynamic and unique flavour profiles. We’ve been teaching clients and trying to convince them of our idea of what a proper café can be for nearly 30 years — now we are able to showcase our products ourselves, controlling every aspect of the finished product from choosing the beans to texturing the perfect milk for a traditional cappuccino.

At Analog you will experience craftsman-like drink preparation on our Slayer espresso machines, single origin coffee and single estate tea offerings, delicious snacks and food, and a place where you can engage with us and learn more about the coffee we offer and how we make it. Let us show you our passion and elevate your drink.

A Dream Comes True

After 15 years of talking about starting a café division, in March 2011 Chris and Russ took a huge leap and opened Fratello’s Analog Café in the Calgary Farmers’ Market on Blackfoot Trail SE. In November of 2012 the brothers’ dream was taken to the next level when they opened a second Analog in an ideal location at 740-17th Ave SW, right in the heart of Calgary’s beltline community. After spending so much time training and supporting Calgary’s independent café owners, opening Analog allows the Fratello team to practice what they preach by offering a complete coffee house experience and have a direct voice on the street to their clients.

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