Upcoming Direct Trade Micro-Lots from Fratello.


This is a big year for Fratello and the coffees we are bringing in.  We have never had quality this good, nor have we had this selection of Direct Trade micro-lots.   We have been giving lots of updates over the last few months of these new relationships and we assumed that these coffees would have been in by now.  It has been a very challenging year getting our coffees out of the regions we have been working with.   Mills have been busy and shipping vessels have been late, but we do assure you that these coffees are coming, and will be here SOON.

Check out the offering list below of coffee which are arriving any time.  This isn't the complete list, but this does give you some good ideas as to what we have been busy doing.

Guatemalan - All Direct Trade and single estate micro-lots.

Nicaraguan - Direct Trade and single estate.

El Salvador - All Direct Trade and single estate micro-lots.

Costa Rica - All Direct Trade and single estate micro-lots.

Panama - Single estate micr-lot


On top of these which are arriving any day, we are still choosing our lots from Kenya, Colombia, Bolivia,  Sulawesi and Sumatra.

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