The Swan – By Joel

January 28, 2008

I pulled this on our 3gp Slayer with a PID setting of 200 F.  This shot took about 20 seconds to pull on a double basket in our naked portafilter.  After working with John (and of course the inevitable good natured competition that occurs at Fratello) for the last few months on the variations of Latte art, I had a local Barista in who showed me how he was working on a swan.  I decided to learn this new technique to raise the anti on our internal competition.  

I finally gave this a try on Friday afternoon and succeeded to beat John, making me the new Barrista Champ at Fratello.  This was my first attempt of the day, and it came through pretty good. 


Its exciting to be able to bring this kind of presentation to the cafe’s I work with, training their baristas in advanced beverage preparation techniques.  These kinds of images are in truth nothing more than evidence of the components of a drink being done correctly.  From having an espresso shot that has nice tight crema, to poperly textured milk creating very stable and sweet micro-bubbles.  

The best part is it takes no longer to prepare this drink than a tradition drink, and it also TASTES BETTER!

Below are more picture of our internal latte art competition.