Growing, Harvesting & Wet-Milling Coffee

If you frequent high end cafes, you will most likely come across or hear the term "Micro-Mill" used more and more often.   A micro-mill is a washing station called a "Beneficio" which is located on a farm.    Farms which have their own beneficio's are able to have complete control over their quality.  They are able to grow and harvest their coffee properly, wash & de-pulp their coffee, followed by drying their coffee before bringing it to the dry-mill which we discussed in our last blog post.  Learn about growing, harvesting & wet-milling coffee.


Through working with a properly run wet-mill a roaster is able to be more selective in the coffee we choose.  Choosing a single varietal coffee, a specific lot/area of the farm and if we prefer to have our coffee processed a certain way in order to give it a unique flavor is all possible through the micro-mill.

But, there are years worth of work before coffee is ever harvested.  Watch this new training video which walks you through the steps, and years of work required before coffee every gets tasted.

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