Rwanda COOPAC - Fair Trade Coffee

Fratello has a new coffee from Rwanda which we are excited to introduce.  We have been hoping to roast a coffee from Rwanda for a few years now; however, every sample we would receive would never delight us in a way that would make us want to offer it to you.  Often after careful analyzation we would find off flavors or defects which would make it impossible for us to stand behind that coffee.

Rwanda COOPAC Fair Trade gives you a sweet whiney aroma, with a long lingering grapefruit acidity.  Mild toffee & milk chocolate flavours finish with a crisp mouthfeel.   This is a Fully Washed process coffee which mixes the varietals Bourbon and Mayaguez which were grown at an elevation of 1500-2000 meters in the Rutsiro & Rubava Districts in the Western Province near Gisenyi. (more…)