Sumatran / Indonesian Public Coffee Cupping

Good day all you coffee lovers.   I'd like to invite you to come to Fratello Coffee this Thursday at 2:30 for another free public cupping.  This week we will be sampling 16 different Sumatran & Indonesian coffee.  Each of these are from different cooperatives, each processed differently and each to deliver a different profile in the cup.

Sumatrans are typically known for their Earthy flavor profiles and often described as woody, dirty and inconsistent in their roasting profile.  Our goal is to bring you a coffee which still offers these classic cup characteristics, at the same time as bringing something much cleaner, sweeter and syrupy to the table.

What we'll be tasting is:

We hope that you can make it to this event.  This will be a fun and casual atmosphere to taste some of the nicest coffees available from these regions.

Fratello Coffee in the News!

Fratello Coffee was on TV last week as Channel 10 News Shaw Magazine wanted to have a short interview to discuss coffee cupping.   More and more people in Calgary (and other cities obviously) are starting to hear about what us roasters do on a daily basis.

It is hard to describe coffee cupping in a 3-4 min video, but I think that Lisa from Shaw Magazine did a great job putting this video together.

To view this video click: Shaw Magazine

If you would like to talk more about coffee cupping, and if you and your friends would like to potentially do a coffee cupping evening please contact Russ by putting a response on this post.