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El Salvador Coffee Sourcing Trip 2015

We are very excited to bring you some of the great El Salvador coffee’s that will be arriving in July, we recently visited 3 producers in El Salvador, two that we have worked with before, Mauricio Salaverria and the Dumont family, and one producer that will be brand new to Fratello, Café Pacas. Though thisMore

Nicaraguan Fina El Limoncillo Pacamara Peaberry – Direct Trade

     Starting March 1, 2008 you will be able to purchase this incredible Direct Trade coffee from Fratello Coffee Co.   We haven’t been this excited about offering our clients a coffee since the first lot of Cup of Excellence we won.    This coffee cupped out at a 89.5, but if you were to includeMore

Nicaraguan Pacamara Peaberry

Wow….I just came from another amazing cupping table, and this time it was samples of Nicaraguan’s.  2008 is going to be an amazing year for coffee qualities available through Fratello.  It has been a while since I’ve cupped consistently good coffees from all origins in Central and South America. The most unique cup so farMore