Direct Trade Coffee - Nicaraguan Los Placeres Estate - Rainforest Alliance

We are pleased to introduce a new Direct Trade Nicaraguan coffee: Los Placeres Estate, which is replacing the Finca Limoncillo Estate, is officially available on our on-line store.

100% Caturra, Honey Prep.  Aromas of caramelized cherries, a delicate butter body, flavors of milk chocolate & pecans with a clean lingering grape acidity. Cupping Score 90.00

Los Placeres Estate is from a different area on the farm, however from the same farmer as Finca Limoncillo.  We have been working with Erwin Mierisch and his family for 3 years now.  They are still dedicated more than ever to quality, evidenced by winning another Cup of Excellence award. This is their 4th year in a row receiving this prestigious award and currently hold the record for the most money received per pound at auction.

Here is a link from our farm visit with them in January when we visited Nicaragua in order to source this coffee.

Nicaraguan Fina El Limoncillo Pacamara Peaberry - Direct Trade

Starting March 1, 2008 you will be able to purchase this incredible Direct Trade coffee from Fratello Coffee Co.   We haven't been this excited about offering our clients a coffee since the first lot of Cup of Excellence we won.


This coffee cupped out at a 89.5, but if you were to include the look of the beans when scoring, this coffee would have been well into the 90's.    These giant beans give this coffee a very unique look.  We found that this coffee gave us a spicy orange and fresh pine aroma which was complimented by the thick & syrupy mouth feel.  Flavor notes of black-bing cherry, candied cloves and apple pie are brightened with the delicate grapefruit acidity.

Finca El Limoncillo - General farm information

This farm got its name from the unusual growth of lemon trees that were originally found here.  This is arguably their most beautiful farm (out of 5).