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Coffee Processing: What gives coffee unique flavors?

This is an interesting question, and one that does not have a quick answer.  I often compare coffee to wine as there are many comparables.  All bottles of red wine from Italy do not taste the same.  It is dependent on the vineyard, the grape (Merlot, etc..), the harvest, soil conditions, altitude, weather conditions ofMore

Sumatra Sidikalang Tabu Jamu

Fratello Coffee is introducing a new Sumatran coffee to our clients.  The Sumatran Sidikalang Tabu Jamu will be available to everyone in early August.  We have been exploring the Lintong region this year and had recently been promoting a coffee from there.  We have been fine tuning our sourcing skills and are narrowing down theMore

Ethiopian Kembata – natural processed coffee

Fratello Coffee has another new region we are bring forward to our clients.  This natural processed coffee will be available early August.  We found that this Kembata had notable winey aromas of blueberry and strawberry’s. The lemon/lime acidity finishes clean with lingering sweet flavors of black cherry and blueberries, and gave this a cupping scoreMore