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Upcoming Direct Trade Micro-Lots from Fratello.

This is a big year for Fratello and the coffees we are bringing in.  We have never had quality this good, nor have we had this selection of Direct Trade micro-lots.   We have been giving lots of updates over the last few months of these new relationships and we assumed that these coffees wouldMore

Costa Rica Santa Rosa, La Lia micro-mill – Direct Trade Coffee

In February 2012 we again visited Costa Rica to see our friends at Exclusive Coffee as well as our producer partners to choose this years offerings.   This is going to be a very good year for the Costa Rican coffees available from Fratello.  Our most exciting offering is going to be our newest Direct TradeMore

Growing, Harvesting & Wet-Milling coffee – Training Video #1

If you frequent high end cafes, you will most likely come across or hear the term “Micro-Mill” used more and more often.   A micro-mill is a washing station called a “Beneficio” which is located on a farm.    Farms which have their own beneficio’s are able to have complete control over their quality.  TheyMore

Direct Trade Coffee – Costa Rican Tarrazu – Rio Jorco Micro-Mill

Fratello Coffee is proud to introduce an exclusive new coffee available from the Tarrazu Valley in Costa Rica.  Last month, we wrote about a Micro Mill Revolution happening in this region, this is one of those special micro-lots we wrote about. The Rio Jorco Micro-Mill employees between 4-6 people & has 65 pickers during harvestMore

Costa Rican Coffee Micro-mill Revolution

I guess I’m a slow learner because it took me 4 days of visiting 16 micro mills (and 1 mega mill), cupping 48 individual lots of coffee and traveling through the Tarrazu, West Valley and Central Valley regions with Jason to fully understand & appreciate the phenomenon in Costa Rica. This phenomenon is being calledMore