Mellita Coffee Brewing with Diamond Mountain

Brewing with Mellita

On our front bar at Fratello we have recently become enamored with the simple Mellita drip coffee maker. This most simple of coffee brewing methods can yield some stellar results. French press for most of us has held the torch as the non espresso method of choice, but we really wanted to play with the old pour over technique. The equipment you need is even less expensive than a French press and the results can really make your coffee sing.

Our coffee of choice for this mornings Mellita drip is the beautiful Panama Diamond Mountain, from Hacienda La Esmeralda. This is a rainforest alliance, single estate coffee that earned a very noble 89.5 cupping score. The Peterson family who own this famed farm in Panama are famous for their Esmeralda Special coffee that commands some of the highest prices paid at auction for green coffee. Diamond Mountain is in itself a jewel, at a more affordable price.

When Russ Prefontaine cupped this coffee here is how he described it: “aromas of nectarines and milk chocolate with a bright meyor lemon acidity, the sweetness of a red apple, and a clean delicate body.”

Lets take a look at the Mellita process