Ethiopian Kembata - natural processed coffee

Fratello Coffee has another new region we are bring forward to our clients.  This natural processed coffee will be available early August.  We found that this Kembata had notable winey aromas of blueberry and strawberry's. The lemon/lime acidity finishes clean with lingering sweet flavors of black cherry and blueberries, and gave this a cupping score of 89.   You have to try this coffee as a single origin is truly unique.

The Kambata region Is located about 350 miles outside of Addis Ababa in south-western Ethiopia between the Bilate and Omo (Gibe) rivers north of Kenya.  "Kambataland" strectches far across the lip of the Rift Valley reaching 2000 meters in altitude.  The Kambata people are comprised of 100 different clans and groups that now all share the language of Kembatinga.   It is one of the most densely populated places in all of Africa and is currently in the midst of ecological crisis.  (more…)