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El Salvador Coffee Farm Tours

Inside a hostel in Ahuachapan, we relax with Mauricio Salavierra, some of his friends who run a beautiful restaurant called Tayua near Conception de Ataco and some brand-new friends from Quebec City who are in Ahauachapan for the same reason we are, to find amazing coffees. It’s late and dark and we are craving somethingMore

El Salvador Coffee Sourcing Trip 2015

We are very excited to bring you some of the great El Salvador coffee’s that will be arriving in July, we recently visited 3 producers in El Salvador, two that we have worked with before, Mauricio Salaverria and the Dumont family, and one producer that will be brand new to Fratello, Café Pacas. Though thisMore

El Salvador – Mauricio Salaverria, Finca VillaGalicia – Direct Trade

In February of 2012 we were first introduced with Mauricio Salaverria of Divisadero Café Farms when touring El Salvador.  We were impressed with what we saw at his farms Finca VilllaGalicia and Finca Himalaya, both in the Concepcion de Ataco which is in the Ahuachapán region in Western El Salvador.  What impressed us the mostMore

El Salvador, Finca Malacara B – Direct Trade Coffee

This past February I toured a very exciting farm by the Santa Ana Volcano.  One, which showed me some coffee cherry sorting & tree pruning practices that I have not seen in any other farm/country.   This pruning practice is called Agobio Para (tree bending) which results in big yields and HUGE flavor.    This was amazingMore

El Salvador Finca Los Pirineos – Direct Trade Coffee

I was fortunate enough to meet Gilberto Baraona back in February and toured Finca Los Pirineos which is located in the region of the Cordillera Tecapa Chinameca.  This was an enlightening experience as I witnessed some of the nicest processing I’ve ever seen at a beneficio (wet mill) and dry-mill. Gilberto was doing things toMore

Central America, Direct Trade coffee sourcing trip – An overview

Following this post will be a detailed write up on the new relationships we are forming as well as updates on our current relationships.  What I first wanted to communicate was the overall reaction of what we saw in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica last month. This is going to be a VERY challengingMore