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Colombian Cup of Excellence 2009

I have just returned from Pereira Colombia after judging the 2009 Cup of Excellence competition.   Although tired, I’m thrilled about this experience.  It is so exciting going through the cupping process and seeing the award ceremony’s on the final day.  The Cup of Excellence competition is the most thorough and competitive screening process a coffeeMore

Fratello Coffee’s green storage techniques

Green coffee is packaged at origin in 132-152 lb jute (burlap) sacks.  The smell and taste of this jute can be transfered to the green coffee, resulting in a cup referred to as “baggy” with an unpleasant musty or straw-like flavor.   As coffee sits in warehouses it becomes old and stale within as littleMore

Bolivian Telmo Cahuana – Organic – Cup of Excellence

        Fratello Coffee won its 3rd auction with the Cup of Excellence program on November 15th. This was a fast paced auction with many different roasting and retail companies bidding on the 26 award winning lots. As far as we could see, this auction will result in the highest average prices over all. I congratulateMore

Gallery Series: El Salvador COE

Gallery Series, refers to those one-of-a-kind coffees with extremely special or exciting flavor qualities, that when we cup them, we recognize as extraordinary. Like other organic food products, the flavor qualities of Gallery Series coffee reflect not just a particular geography, altitude, farm or varietal–they also reflect less fixed factors like weather and terroir–which isMore

Single Estate Espresso in Brazil

My brother and I just got back from a green coffee buying trip to Brazil. While we were there we had the pleasure of enjoying a coffee at an amazing cafe in Sao Paolo! We met the owner, totally hard core & “3rd Wave” in his approach. He is not able to import coffees fromMore

Bolivian Specialty Coffees

  Bolivian coffee is truly a hidden gem of specialty coffee. I was very surprised at the quality of coffee being produced, in these small farms high in the Andes Mountains.  Growing conditions reach as high as 2500 meters above sea level.      Almost every farm is organic; however, not all are certified.  Typically these farms also grow otherMore