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PRESS RELEASE- Analog Announces its 3rd Location in South Calgary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fratello Coffee opens its 3rd location in South Calgary   Fratello Coffee Roasters is excited to announce a fall 2015 opening for a brand new Analog Coffee location in Southcentre Mall. Fratello recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of roasting coffee in the Calgary community and this new Analog Coffee location will joinMore

Analog | Past, Present and Future

  Fratello Coffee is excited to announce the launch of the newest Analog Coffee opening in Southcentre Mall in Fall of 2015. This location will bring what people love about the urban location to the south along with broad food service with fresh ingredients from Corbeaux Bakehouse. This will mark the third Analog location inMore

Cupping: The process that brings the best out of each bean

Most people enter a coffee shop, order there coffee and move on with there day. Yet, behind the scenes there is SO much that goes into preparing that espresso, latte or whatever your drink of choice may be. From where the beans are grown, how they are roasted to the testing of the beans toMore

Roasting the Perfect Bean

    Coffee can seem like a simple thing but there is so much work, knowledge and skill that goes into growing, picking and roasting the perfect bean. As the coffee culture emerges, many are learning and tasting the difference between what really goes into preparing your cup. We interviewed Fratello’s Head Roaster, Dave SchindelMore

Sam Tolhurst | Analog Stories

  We have an incredible team at Analog, with each person sharing different passions and having unique stories. Meet Sam Tolhurst, an Aussie living in Canada and is one of our great barista’s at Analog. Read our interview below on his thoughts towards Canada, coffee and Calgary! How long have you lived in Canada? MyMore

Nicaragua Sourcing Trip 2014

  We recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua where I got to meet some new producers and taste some amazing coffee from them and some of the producers that we have been working with for years. This really seems like a great year for quality from Nicaragua. One of the major differences between thisMore