Fratello Coffee's green storage techniques

Green coffee is packaged at origin in 132-152 lb jute (burlap) sacks.  The smell and taste of this jute can be transfered to the green coffee, resulting in a cup referred to as "baggy" with an unpleasant musty or straw-like flavor.   As coffee sits in warehouses it becomes old and stale within as little as 6 months.  These conditions are worsened in humid conditions.

We invest in quality green coffee and protect it in the following ways:

  Repackaging of green beans 1        Repackaging of green beans 2

1. We're lucky that Calgary is as dry as a desert (literally).

2. We receive shipments from origin constantly and our goal is to not have green coffee in our warehouse longer than 3 months.

3. Within weeks of receiving the green coffee, we remove it from the jute sacks and transfer the coffee into independent silos.

Repackaging of green beans 1

4. With our finest and most exotic coffees, we immediately vacuum package all of the green coffee in 15-20 lb bags with the objective of preserving the original sweetness and fruit-like flavors

 Vacuum Packed   

5. Our Cup of Excellence coffee will never touch jute bags again!  We pay the farmers and additional premium to have the coffee packaged at origin in 10 lb vacuum packaged foil bags.

Although it is rare for coffee to become baggy when you are not "warehousing" coffee, Fratello is taking these extra steps to ensure our clients only receive the best.

Russ looking over repacked CoE coffees