Single 1.5 gallon CBS2051

Fetco Coffee Brewer

The CBS-2051e is easy to program and simple to operate. This unit comes standard with our patented Cascading Spray Dome™, which helps deliver a consistent, perfectly balanced cup of coffee every time. The pulse-brew intermittent shower brewing system lets you control the length of time the water is in contact with the ground coffee for optimal extraction according to your recipe.

Shown with 1.5 gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser (L3D-15). The 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Server (L3S-15) and the 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® Thermal Dispenser (TPD-15) are available and sold separately.

Brewer can be used with:
L3D-15, L3S-15, TPD-15