This is a classic Colombian coffee with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. A true powerhouse representative of the land.

REGION Community Coffee

VARIETAL Caturra & Castillo & Colombia

PROCESSING Fully washed, sun-dried

ELEVATION 1750 meters


Salamina was founded in 1825 by Francisco Velásquez and Fermín López. The villiage quickly began to populate around the main square and became known as the “The Light City” because from Salamina there began to emerge many poets, painters and musicians. By the mid nineteenth century, Salamina had become a picturesque village, with narrow and straight streets full of beautiful houses in the Antioquia style, windows with accentuated curvature, carved wooden balconies and ample hallways. In 1982 the city of Salamina was named a Colombian National Monument because of its stunning beauty.


Agriculture is the main economic activity in Salamina and coffee is the main generator of labor, along with plantain, which is mostly produced for self-consumption. Cane sugar is also a very popular crop. Salamina is located in the Central Range, 76 km away from Manizales, 1,775 meters above sea level with an average temperature of 22C.


The Cooperativa de Caficultores de Norte de Caldas was created on June 2, 1963 in order to solve the problem of coffee commercialization in Northern Caldas. In the municipality of Salamina, farmers banded together to process, organize and market their coffee. After Salamina was founded, other branches were opened, Pacora, Castilla and San Bartolomé (1966), Filadelfia and Aránzazu (1967), La Merced (1968) and Samaria (1979). At this time, there are 2,297 associates within the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Norte de Caldas. The Co-op is a nonprofit organization that provides social, economic, commercial and environmental services to its associates; It is recognized in the north of Caldas as one of the best co-ops and is lauded for the level of democratic co-operation between its members.


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