This 100% Caturra has a pecan aroma with a praline taste and hints of cranberry and apricot on the finish.

REGION Huehuetenango

PRODUCER Madlyn Madrid

VARIETAL 100% Caturra

PROCESSING Fully Washed / Sun Dried

ALTITUDE 5600 feet

HARVEST SEASON Early / Late March

This is our first year working with Madlyn and her team at Family Bonds Coffee. We are eager to continue to grow this relationship and in doing so, learn much more about the micro region they grow in. The Isnul farm is located in Agua Dulce, a small village about 115 km away from the provincial capital of Huehuetenango.

Their Sustainability practices include protecting natural water by planting natural barriers around the water, recycling and treating water used in the milling process, generation of clean energy through many hydroelectric power stations and using by-product from the coffee as fertilizer.

They are also working with local schools to encourage social development for their workers.


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