Balanced and smooth with notes of molasses and cocoa.


Balanced and smooth with notes of molasses and cocoa.

REGION San Marcos

PRODUCER Johann Nottebohm

VARIETAL 100% Bourbon

PROCESSING Fully Washed / Sun Dried

ALTITUDE 5200 feet

HARVEST SEASON Early / Late March

This is our 6th year working with Johann Nottebohm.  This exclusive micro-lot, Montecristo, is located at the highest point of Nueva Granada in the San Marcos region of Guatemala.  At 5200 feet elevation, this is San Marcos highest farm.  From the top of this farm you can see two volcano’s and Mexico’s boarder. Fratello Coffee is the only roaster who had access to this coffee in the entire world as Johann D Nottebohm, the owner of the estate, did this special separation of 100% Bourbon just for us.


Johann has his own schools on the farm for grades 1-8.   They currently have 45 students, but this number will grow during the harvest season.  19 families live full time on the farm and a total of 240 people.  Johann ensures that their standard of lives are comfortable through bring doctors to the farm regularly, employees 3 teachers (1 computer teacher), has a church and a small market to shop at.  To top it off, all health care, food and transportation is also paid for by Johann for his staff.


Being Rainforest Alliance ensures that Montecristo/Nueva Granda are practicing good environmental techniques.  Some of what involves Johann choosing to:

  • Reuse 100% of the coffee cherries as organic fertilizer
  • Collection Honey Water from the Fermentation tanks in a storage area to dry up the water.  They then scrap off the residue to use as fertilizer.
  • Have started worm farms, to use their manure as fertilizer.
  • Uses the hauls from the shading Macadamia nuts as fertilizer.
  • Protects wildlife through not clear cutting and deforestation products.
  • Protects the river systems through properly handling by products of the wet mill.



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Weight0.34 kg
Dimensions13.5 × 27 × 18 cm


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