This naturally processed Ethiopian coffee is Fresh & Exotic with Floral Notes & Hints of Blueberry.


This naturally processed Ethiopian coffee is Fresh & Exotic with Floral Notes & Hints of Blueberry.

PRODUCER Abdullah Bagersh

REGION Yirgacheffe, Gedio


PROCESS Natural Process

ELEVATION 17500-19500m

The region of Gedio is located within the larger coffee-producing area of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is renowned for producing high-quality coffee beans known for their delicate aromatics and clean citrus flavor when processed using the washed method. However, in recent years, producers in the Gedio region have been experimenting with the natural process, which involves drying the coffee cherries with the fruit still intact, to create a distinct and unique profile compared to the washed coffees of Yirgacheffe.

The Misty Valley coffee, developed by Abdullah Bagersh, is a prime example of this innovation. From the start, the coffee cherries are given meticulous care. When they are brought to the mill to dry on raised African beds, they are constantly turned every day and night for the first 48 hours of drying. This attention to detail ensures that the moisture is evenly evaporated from the cherries, contributing to a consistent and clean cup profile. The natural process can be challenging, as it is prone to mold and uneven air circulation, but Abdullah Bagersh's expertise and commitment result in a coffee that showcases the full potential of these Natural Yirgacheffe beans.

Read more about this incredible coffee and specialty coffee region in our blog post HERE.

Additional information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 27 × 18 cm
Coffee Bag Size



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