Hario Ceramic Octo Coffee Mill


Compact and durable. Perfect for travel, camping or home use.



The ceramic burrs of this mill won't damage your coffee beans with heat caused by friction as you grind them. The mill has an octagonal hourglass shape that is easy to grip. The ground size adjustment knob is marked with "Coarse" and "Fine" so you can see the right direction at a glance.

About this item:

  • This grinder has a clear body and hopper to allow you to easily watch the grinding action.
  • Compact and durable. Perfect for travel, camping or home use.
  • To grind coffee, remove the handle and top lid, add whole coffee beans, secure lid and handle and rotate the handle clockwise.
  • This grinder has a quick adjustment feature under the burrs, perfect for changing grind size on the fly.
  • SIZE  W157×D70×H213mm
  • Φ63mm
  • CAPACITY Coffee grounds 36g


  • Lid, Body / MS resin
  • Hopper / Polystyrene
  • Grind adjustment knob / Polyacetal, iron
  • Handle, Shaft, Spring / Stainless steel
  • Conical burrs are made of ceramic, perfect for grinding coffee beans.

User Manual for Octo Grinder

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Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 8.0 × 23.7 cm


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