Fetco Coffee Filters - (F001) 15" x 5.5"


Increase the overall quality of your cup of coffee with these Fetco Filters - 500 / case


Increase the overall quality of your cup of coffee with these Fetco Filters  (F001) - 500 / case

15" x 5.5"

These filters are made of a semi-permeable material that will allow liquid to freely pass through while catching any oils or grindings. The natural oils that are extracted from the coffee beans contain high amounts of cholesterol and can negatively impact health over time. These filters ensure that these oils are trapped and do not make their way into the coffee. When you are finished using these filters they are simple to wrap up and dispose of. and will not disintegrate when they become wet.


  • Diameter: 15"
  • Height: 5.5"
  • Quantity: 500/case
  • Shipping Weight: 2650 grams

Fetco's classic 15" × 5 1/2" flat bottom, bleached commercial coffee filters. Compatible with the following Fetco brewers:

  • CBS-1151-V+
  • CBS-1152-V+
  • CBS-2151XTS
  • CBS-2152XTS
  • CBS-2152XTS-2G
  • CBS-51H-15
  • CBS-52H-15
  • • CBS-52H-20

Additional information

Weight2.650 kg
Dimensions22.86 × 40.64 × 22.86 cm


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