Rabble Rousing at the Calgary Stampede

July 18, 2007

Now that most of us have finally recovered from the 10 day festival known as the Calgary Stampede, we can think well enough to form a complete sentence. Fratello Coffee Co. has always been a big supporter of the community and this was no exception.  We offered coffee at several of the Stampede’s free breakfasts and gave away more than 8,000 cups of coffee.  This was done at 4 different events in about 2 hours each time.  An average of 1,000 cups of coffee per hour!!!

To give a bit of an idea what this entails, we start our day at 3:30AM. At this time we take the freshly gound coffee and begin brewing into the large thermal servers we use.  By 5:30AM we are about ready to start transporting the coffee to the location to begin fueling the other volunteers who are manning the grills and food stations.  Then the madness starts… Line ups of thousands of hungry Stampede goers, out for the free pancakes, sausages and most importantly the cup of coffee.  It’s a seemeingly never ending stream of people.

The “Rocket Man” in action

On Parade day, we even took the “Rocket Man” out to where the floats were lining up to offer coffee.  This was very well received, but, we ran out of coffee in the 80 cup backpack very quickly (inside 5 minutes). So, we took a golf cart and created a mobile coffee station…All told, it was a great time and lots of fun was had. As are shown by the pictures. 

Harry the Horse (the official Stampede mascot) enjoying a cup of coffee.

Russ trying to get out of a spot of trouble…