Mellita Coffee Brewing with Diamond Mountain


Brewing with Mellita

On our front bar at Fratello we have recently become enamored with the simple Mellita drip coffee maker. This most simple of coffee brewing methods can yield some stellar results. French press for most of us has held the torch as the non espresso method of choice, but we really wanted to play with the old pour over technique. The equipment you need is even less expensive than a French press and the results can really make your coffee sing.

Our coffee of choice for this mornings Mellita drip is the beautiful Panama Diamond Mountain, from Hacienda La Esmeralda. This is a rainforest alliance, single estate coffee that earned a very noble 89.5 cupping score. The Peterson family who own this famed farm in Panama are famous for their Esmeralda Special coffee that commands some of the highest prices paid at auction for green coffee. Diamond Mountain is in itself a jewel, at a more affordable price.

When Russ Prefontaine cupped this coffee here is how he described it: “aromas of nectarines and milk chocolate with a bright meyor lemon acidity, the sweetness of a red apple, and a clean delicate body.”

Lets take a look at the Mellita process


Place your Mellita filter in the Mellita cone pour over brewer. Wet the filter with hot water to get rid of any residual paper taste.


Using a gram scale measure out 20 grams of whole bean coffee. Remember to tare out the vessel the coffee is going into so you have an accurate measurement. This is the correct amount of coffee in our tests to yield the best extraction into a 12 oz cup.


Grind the coffee. For our method here, we used a grind setting of 6.5 on the Ditting.


Put the grinds into your brew basket and place it on top of your 12 oz cup. The cup with the brew basket should be on your scale. Remember at this stage to tare your scale as well. We are going to be weighing the poured water in grams so we want an accurate idea of mass.


Begin pouring your fresh filtered hot water over the grounds in an even fashion. We are using a water temperature of between 198.5. When you are boiling water at home let it sit for a minute off boil to bring it to this temperature. Go slow and make sure you are evenly wetting the grounds. Stop when you have reached about 40 grams of weight on the scale. At this point you should have a bloom that has formed. We are going to wait now till this bloom collapses before we continue. The result of the bloom collapsing should be the grinds rimming the paper filter in a cone shape.


Continue pouring now very slowly. Keep watching your cup so that you know you are not pouring too fast. You will have a dome of coffee when you are pouring into the centre. Pour very slowly into this dome. We are looking for an end weight of 330 grams on our scale. The results are well worth the wait!

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