Job Opportunity - Logistics Manager


Ok, Fratello is looking to fill a position within the company: Logistics Manager.

Here is what the position entails. If your interested, please email a resume to Jason Prefontaine: jason(at) We're looking to hire right away, so if you or someone you know needs to work here, we definitely want to hear from you and will fill you in on all the details.



Position:             Logistics Manager 

Basic Purpose:

Responsible to provide professional and positive leadership to the logistics department, managing the physical finished goods inventory warehouse, coordinating all inbound and outbound logistics, inventory management and team leadership, focusing on quality and excellence.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1.     Inbound Logistics:The logistics manager is the first line of defense in ensuring that all incoming goods are properly received into the building.

  •       Establish a schedule for all inbound inventory
  •       Ensure that all goods are physically received against packing slips to maintain the integrity of our inventory system
  •       Ensure all goods are immediately put away in their proper home, organized, labeled and restocked as necessary
  •       Ensure all necessary paperwork and paper flow with the company is immediate and seamless
  •       Manage relationships with vendors and ensure Fratello is always receiving competitive rates

2.     Outbound Logistics:The logistics manager is the last line of defense in ensuring that all outgoing goods are accurately picked and safely packed before leaving the building.

  •       Coordinate all outbound shipments with Admin, Sales & Service team members
  •       Maintain a ‘Picking Verification Program' to ensure that all goods leaving the building are 100% accurate against invoice
  •       Ensure that all paperwork and paper flow within the company is immediate and seamless
  •       Implement shipping policies

3.     Inventory Management:The logistics manager is responsible for organizing & maintaining an accurate inventory at optimum levels and turns

  •       Maintain daily Fratello production volumes with Production Manager using min/max levels
  •       Ensure accurate inventory counts
  •       Ensure inventory levels are within acceptable inventory turns based on the various vendors and conditions, yet minimize stock outs
  •       Responsible for placing PO's for all ancillary SCH products for Fratello

4.     Leadership & Management:The logistics manager is responsible for providing leadership to the warehouse team members and creating a positive working environment.

  •       Responsible for all warehouse staff, including delivery driver
  •       Provide all necessary warehouse staff training and ensure accountability for accuracy. Includes hiring and firing of employees
  •       Create a team environment and cross train all positions
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