In pursuit of a god-shot!


It took me 10 shots before I could manage to pull a shot that looked even CLOSE! Frustrating. No matter how carefully I tamped, it still came out poorly. The grind was right, tamp was done very carefully, etc. The machine (brand new Simonelli Aurelia 3 group) seemed to be brewing really freaken hot... and I think that had a little something to do with it. I will measure the temp tomorrow to be sure. But compared to the results I was getting on the Marzocco that we modified with PID, there is NO comparison. Seriously, I would get a proper pour with vertually no effort.By the way, I love the 'article' you wrote Eric on naked filters!! It is so true. If it weren't for the naked filter here on thise pours tonight I would never had known what was going on and how "off" the shots were! Very interesting for sure. Check out this little slide show:

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