Facebook Groups

May 29, 2007

Ok, I’m not sure you’ve signed up for Crackbook, errrr – Facebook yet, but I have to say that I am totally addicted! Its great to get back into touch with old friend, but its also a great way to meet new people who are as into something as you are by joining a ‘group’.The most recent group I joined is called Espresso with Esprexifs, started by Mark Prince from Coffee Gee. Primarily its a photo group where you are asked to share your details about the espresso-based beverage you’re showing a picture of and you put as much detail as you can in the description, following the Exif Info model most digital cameras provide.What I love is this is a great way to learn new ideas and tricks on espresso brewing and milk texturing techniques from other people who REALLY love coffee. Check it out at:Espresso with EsprexifsThanks to Stephen Morrissey in London England for the pic.Jason