Davey Gravy | A young influencer showcasing our city

July 29, 2015

Calgary is filled with creative people who love our city. Meet Dave Lieske (aka @davey_gravy). Davey is passionate about exploring our city and is quick to engage with local business and at the same time, connect into his community. Davey has gained over 11K followers on his Instagram account through showcasing the places he loves. We chatted with Davey about his love for Calgary, creativity and what inspires him. Check out the story below and a few of his images he has taken of the places he loves.

How long have you lived in Calgary?

I’ve lived in Calgary my whole life, 26 years. I am one of the rare ones born and raised in this city!


What inspires you to take photos?

Other people! I really got into photography through Instagram. I would see people portray the city I live in from new angles and in unconventional ways that it inspired me to do the same. I love the challenge of going some place I’ve been a million times and trying to capture it in a new light.

What are some of your favourite spots in Calgary?

My favourite spots areI really love Inglewood, Bridgeland and East Village. I love visiting Luke’s Drug Mart, Bridgeland Market, Shiki Menya, Tazza, The Livery, Plant, The Uncommons, Citizen Sidewalk Bakery, and the Riverwalk.




How have you seen the Calgary Scene emerged over the past few years?

I feel it has been changing for the better. I feel we have so much opportunity in Calgary. It feels like almost everyday a new restaurant opens or a business is expanding. Public art seems to be less frowned upon and I love the new bicycle lanes downtown.


Tell us 3 interesting things about you!

I cross stitch! You can view some of my work here on my site. This year, during the Stampede I have eaten 40+ Stampede Breakfasts and once I was featured on Buzzfeed.


You can keep up with Davey and see all the places he captures by following him on his Instagram @davey_gravy.