Cup of Excellence?

May 31, 2007

I have been cupping a lot of really good and unique coffees lately as we are looking to expand our offerings to our clients. The most recent arrivals are the top 34 farms from Nicaragua who entered the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition (you can learn more about this at and we also have the top 18 farms from Guatemala who also entered the COE. I have yet to roast and cup these but will be soon.What I want to know is if you think our market is demanding this type of coffee. These are excellent coffees; however, will our clients and their customers appreciate it and able to market it? I really hope that they will and that they do. I personally think that the Western Canadian market is looking for something different and something special. I just don’t know if the COE’s are what they are looking for. I say this as the geographical regions available is: Colombian, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras and Brazil. These aren’t exactly NEW Coffees or something that our clients haven’t had before (excluding Bolivia and El Salvador). Do you think that they would purchase these geographical regions for a large premium over what they typically purchase them for? COE are auctioned off to roasters, and go for a LARGE premium. Last year Brazil’s top coffee sold for $13.20 US per lb GREEN.Let me know your thoughts as we are just about to begin our testing.