COME AND GET EM !!!!!!!! (while quantities last that is)

October 2, 2007

Well I am very happy to say that Fratello Coffee’s new Gallery Series is here, and here to stay. Our launch of this exclusive line is starting with, but won’t be limited to, the following three varieties:  El Salvador: La Divina Providencia – Cup of Excellence Cup Of Excellence Jury Cupping Score: 86.33Cup Of Excellence Rank: 11LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE: 3000 (8 oz.) bagsLa Divina Providencia, a farm acquired four years ago by Roberto Ulloa, produces coffee that is ranked among the top ‘Cup of Excellence’ lots. The farm is ideally located in the golden coffee belt, well above 5,000 feet, blessed with rich volcanic soils as well as Bourbon and Kenya trees that reach an average of 40 years old. La Divina Providencia has been managed under conventional practices, but also uses organic inputs as fertilizers. Roberto is a fourth generation coffee grower that is involved in his community; donating pedagogic packages for children at two nearby schools.CUP OF EXCELLENCE: JURY DESCRIPTIONS This is a very unique coffee and delivers a sweet, clean flavor. Nice sweet coffee (12) black cherry (12), full body (8), chocolate (12), coconut (1), caramel, clean (9), good fruit, juicy (2), blackberry, dry fruit (3), tobacco (3).    Nicaraguan: Los Milagros – Cup of ExcellenceCup Of Excellence Jury Cupping Score: 86.63Cup Of Excellence Rank: 15LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE: 3100 (8 oz.) bagsDon Julio, a humble producer and owner of this farm, lives with his wife and daughter. “I am planning to work hard to improve our life standard. Besides working on my farm ‘Los Milagros,’ I want to buy some more land and teach my daughter the coffee business.” Thisregion of the country is without energy so the pulping processor is a rustic machine. Despite this, Don Julio processes three types of coffee that he grows at two plantations, La Terraza and La Curva. The types of coffee grown are: Catuai, Bourbon and Caturra. The Caturra which is the award winning coffee gives you a rich syrupy full body with a lingering milk chocolate finish. CUP OF EXCELLENCE: JURY DESCRIPTIONS Refined acidity (7), smooth (13), well balanced (7), lingering chocolate finish (10), cocoa, syrupy, caramel, rich, creamy, smooth, fruity aroma. Yemen: Moka San’ani LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE: 1900 (8 oz.) bagsYemen Moka Sanani is grown on highlands in the region of Sana’a. This coffee is the best and the most consistent coffee Yemen has to offer. This is a very rare coffee, and is sure to please those looking for something unique. When coffee was introduced from Ethiopia in the 6th century, Yemen was known as “Arabia.” This is what inspired coffee’s botanical name. Today, the coffee is still grown organically on the western mountain ranges from Razih, near the town of Sa’dah in the North, to the south of Ta’izz. The farmers nurture their coffee shrubs, planted in terraced fields, as their forefathers did.The characteristics found in Yemen coffee are best described as having a rich, fresh and earthy flavor. What’s unique is that behind the earthy notes, there is a vibrant fruity flavor and sweet acidity. When prepared properly, the lingering blueberry finish will really surprise your taste buds. These blueberry notes are also found in its wonderful fragrance. To truly appreciate its flavor, you have to try it!