Espresso & Coffee Machines in Calgary and Edmonton

Since 1991, we have been importing Nuova Simonelli espresso equipment from Italy, as well as a selection of other commercial coffee equipment.   Our core business is roasting and supplying coffee houses and new cafes in Calgary and Edmonton with the training and consultation they need to run a successful business.  We are eager to work with people that share our dedication to coffee.

Aurelia Nuova Simonelli 2 group

We want to share our passion with you and help you learn to present coffee at its finest in your business.  Fratello has been roasting coffee for over 27 years, but we are more than just a coffee roaster. Our consultants are experienced professionals that will guide you in all aspects of your business.   From initial consultations around opening a new location to getting into the details of selecting products and equipment for your business, you will have access to our team of coffee professionals.

Fratello Coffee Roasters has made the choice to represent a select group of top quality equipment for your coffee hourse or restaurant.   In stocking brands we know and trust, we are able to offer expert service and advice as you look at setting up a new business and cafe, or replacing equipment as needed.

Fetco brewer

From your large equipment needs such as an espresso machine, coffee brewers and grinders right down to the details, we offer the right products.  Please browse our commercial equipment section to get an idea of the range of products offered.   We look forward to meeting you to offer a personal consultation.

We know the best coffee needs the best people and the right equipment. Call us today for more information.


Holiday gift ideas for the coffee lover!

Happy Holidays from Fratello Coffee Roasters! We love enjoying great coffee all year round here at Fratello, and hope you do to.  At Christmas time why not pay special attention to the coffee lover on your list (that is usually most people on the list) and treat them to some great gift ideas from Fratello.

Here is our list for you. Lots of great coffee, some popular and really neat by-the-cup brew methods and tools for the home or professional Barista are all great options! Any questions call or email us and we would love to help.


Chemex, Hario V60, French Press and Aeropress oh my!

Please join us November 3rd 1-3pm at Fratello Coffee Roasters to explore 1 coffee brewed 4 ways!

chemex single serve coffee single serve coffee aeropress

single serve coffee french press single serve coffee hario v60

We are going to take our award winning Costa Rican Rio Jorco Direct Trade coffee and show you how to prepare it 4 different ways. This class is all about discovering some simple, easy but really great alternative ways of brewing coffee in your café or restaurant or at home. There will be a chance to taste the coffee, try the brew methods yourself and a contest thrown in as well to win an Aeropress brewer!


Why do we use Slayer Espresso Machines?

This should answer your question......

Slayer makes it easy to pull perfect shots of espresso.  See more pictures

Mellita Coffee Brewing with Diamond Mountain

Brewing with Mellita

On our front bar at Fratello we have recently become enamored with the simple Mellita drip coffee maker. This most simple of coffee brewing methods can yield some stellar results. French press for most of us has held the torch as the non espresso method of choice, but we really wanted to play with the old pour over technique. The equipment you need is even less expensive than a French press and the results can really make your coffee sing.

Our coffee of choice for this mornings Mellita drip is the beautiful Panama Diamond Mountain, from Hacienda La Esmeralda. This is a rainforest alliance, single estate coffee that earned a very noble 89.5 cupping score. The Peterson family who own this famed farm in Panama are famous for their Esmeralda Special coffee that commands some of the highest prices paid at auction for green coffee. Diamond Mountain is in itself a jewel, at a more affordable price.

When Russ Prefontaine cupped this coffee here is how he described it: “aromas of nectarines and milk chocolate with a bright meyor lemon acidity, the sweetness of a red apple, and a clean delicate body.”

Lets take a look at the Mellita process



Fratello Coffee tests the new Slayer Espresso Machine!

Slayer Espresso Machine @ Fratello - teaser from Chris Prefontaine on Vimeo.

Barista Training

The Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy will be offering two days of barista training at Fratello this May 26th and 27th - following the Barista Competition.

This special training academy for barista (espresso machine operators) and those interested in learning more about coffee and espresso presents its 2008 Educational Program. The hands-on training workshops are lead by Canadian and international expert trainers and professional baristas. They are for those new to the industry or those who want to perfect their coffee skills and include: Basic Training, Advanced Training and Expert Barisa workshops.

Please refer to the schedule below for details and click here to register.

Location: Fratello Coffee

4021 9th St. SE Calgary, Alberta


Monday, May 26, 2008

9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Barista Level I: Beginner Barista Workshop

2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Barista level II: Advanced Barista Workshop

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Level III: Expert Barista & Latte Art Workshop

9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Opening a Successful Coffee Business Seminar

2 p.m. - 5 p.m. Coffee Cupping Workshop

First Slayer in Calgary!!

It has been a little bit of a wait, and a very exciting one in deed, but the wait is over. The first of many Slayer installations in Calgary has finally happend at Caffe Beano.Their 3 gp Slayer was installed a few days ago and both Jay and Dan have been working to ensure that this machine is working perfectly.....and it is.We went by Caffe Beano yesterday (a Wednesday) to make a few additional tweaks, and they mentioned that they have been busier than normal since the installation took place. They are doing the volumes typically seen on a weekend, in fact, people that normally have 1 espressoo are having 2 or 3 because they taste so good. WOW, what a difference an amazing piece of machinery makes. Below image show Dan making some final calibrations.

Clover- A Revolution in Specialty Coffee Brewing

Jason Prefontaine and I visited the Coffee Equipment Company in Seattle recently to see what's behind their new Clover 1s brewer. Though this machine has been around for a couple of years, most people only know it from what can be seen on the outside. That is an automated by-the-cup brewer that allows the user to make a number of adjustments via a slick iPod-like control wheel. Seeing the machine in operation most people may also guess (correctly) that the Clover 1s uses a permanent micron-scale metallic filter--not disposable paper or cloth filters.Inside the Clover 1s, however, lies the heart and soul of this machine. There you find the meticulous design that makes the 1s such a beautiful device, as beautiful inside as it is outside. The Clover 1s mechanism is laid out logically and pleasingly. The workings of the 1s are crafted from well-conceived components, some of them expensive custom machined parts, meshed magnificently with a brilliant and inspired electronics package. The inside of the Clover exudes a sense of functional robustness and a high degree of engineering competence. I should also mention that the Clover 1s was articulately, passionately, and energetically represented by Coffee Equipment Company super-technician Jason Schroeder who toured us through the inner workings of the machine, and how to maintain it.


Something big is brewing at Fratello Coffee Co.

David Parker, Calgary Herald Published: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 It doesn't seem that long ago to me that a cup of coffee was something poured as an expected followup to any restaurant meal. Then came the coffee shops and over the last few years people in this city have followed the trend in lining up for a cappuccino, mocha, espresso, frappucino or any number of gourmet blends.Now, according to Chris Prefontaine, director of business development and one of the three brother owners of Fratello Coffee Co., we are entering a third wave.

Following behind the remarkable movement in Seattle and Vancouver towards serving unique, specialty coffees from high-quality, auctioned green beans that are served by a knowledgeable and well-trained passionate staff, coffee drinking is reaching new heights here.

Russ Prefontaine, left, Chris Prefontaine and Jason Prefontaine of Fratello Coffee Co. The company buys top-qualify coffee from 31 countries. Leah Hennel, Calgary HeraldHe should know -- the family has been in the business here since parents Cam and Barb Prefontaine began supplying offices with coffee from their home garage in Varsity Acres in 1974.


Can you say SLAYER!!!

The first time around was a tease, then it was gone. Much to our collective dismay... Now it's back and lets just say there may be bloodshed should someone try to take this one... You think I'm joking... See the name? Yeah that's right. You're wondering what I'm talking about.The "Slayer" is our newest creation, recreation, incarnation of the Espresso machine. In it's current existence, it's a La Marzocco that has been heavily modified. Things like PID, another boiler (yeah, I said that)... and those are the immediately obvious ones. So, with John and myself loitering ermm, I mean training ourselves. The beast came to life, and on the VERY FIRST SHOT, promptly knocked Jason's socks off with an unbelievable shot. After that (and a few elbows) John and I were next... Might I say that never in my life have I had an Espresso that had that perfect, lovely, rich, deep brown/red crema, with a hint of flecking, the texture and mouth-feel of silk, and the flavor, well the flavor was everything that Blackjack had promised to be, and more. Pleasantly acidic, sweet, bold, full, rich... So, satisfied on that, we proceeded to pull shot after shot after shot, all the while extolling the virtues of this new machine like giddy 10 year olds on Christmas morning, literally freaking out... It was almost embarrassing.


In pursuit of a god-shot!

It took me 10 shots before I could manage to pull a shot that looked even CLOSE! Frustrating. No matter how carefully I tamped, it still came out poorly. The grind was right, tamp was done very carefully, etc. The machine (brand new Simonelli Aurelia 3 group) seemed to be brewing really freaken hot... and I think that had a little something to do with it. I will measure the temp tomorrow to be sure. But compared to the results I was getting on the Marzocco that we modified with PID, there is NO comparison. Seriously, I would get a proper pour with vertually no effort.By the way, I love the 'article' you wrote Eric on naked filters!! It is so true. If it weren't for the naked filter here on thise pours tonight I would never had known what was going on and how "off" the shots were! Very interesting for sure. Check out this little slide show: