Belo Ethiopia – On-line Auction ends Oct 17

October 4, 2007

Check out this link: “Fifth Avenue Club – Belo Auction”It is an on-line auction that one of our coffee customers has organized. Darren from Fifth Avenue Club & Juice & Java coffee bar is totally renovating their fitness club, and they have put a ton of commercial fitness equipment and all kinds of other things on the auction in order to raise money for the small village of Belo Ethiopia. This is the same village that we at Fratello Coffee have been sponsoring for the last 4+ years! In addition to the proceeds of this auction, Darren has committed to donating $3.00 per membership per month to support the development work in Belo! Very cool!So, check it out. Auction ends Oct 17. “Fifth Avenue Club – Belo Auction” (edited):Fifth Avenue Club was recently interviewed by CityTV who heard about their auction to raise $15,000 for the village of Belo and wanted to help raise awareness. There is an archive of the broadcast on the CityTV website: CityTV Video Link