Costa Rican Coffee Micro-mill Revolution

micro mill coffee direct trade costa rica

I guess I’m a slow learner because it took me 4 days of visiting 16 micro mills (and 1 mega mill), cupping 48 individual lots of coffee and traveling through the Tarrazu, West Valley and Central Valley regions with Jason to fully understand & appreciate the phenomenon in Costa Rica.

micro mill coffee direct trade costa rica

This phenomenon is being called “The Micro-mill Revolution” by Francisco Mena of Exclusive Coffees.   He has personally visited all 150 micro-mills that now operate through out Costa Rica and works with many of them to increase quality through proper growing, harvesting and processing techniques.

micro mill coffee direct trade costa rica

A micro-mill is small coffee farm (typically producing 1000 bags or less, or 152,000 lbs of coffee) that also has its own wet mill and processing on its farm. What this allows a farm to do is process their own cherries to ensure the absolute best quality and taste.  This also allows the farmer to separate varietals (Typica from Caturra, etc…) for micro-lots as well as introduce unique processing methods for individual coffee roasters needs (washed, honey, red-honey, naturals).  What this really means is complete traceability and a totally individual identity for each lot of coffee we bring in.

costa rican red coffee cherries


Taste of Fratello public cupping Feb 10th

Fratello coffee is going to be holding a casual public cupping of 10 fantastic coffees that we offer. We invite the public to come to Fratello on Feb 10th at 1:30 to taste a wide variety of offerings.

If you have not come out to one of our last cupping sessions this is a great way to learn about the distinctions amoung different coffee regions. You don't have to be an expert to join us, just an interest in learning about some great coffee!

Here are the coffees we will be cupping on Feb 10th at 1:30

Guatemalan Montecristo, Single Estate, Rainforest Alliance, Direct Trade

Nicaraguan Finca Limoncillo, Single Estate, Direct Trade

Panama Hacienda la Esmeralda - Diamond Mountain, Single Estate, RFA

Colombian Tolima Tierra, Direct Trade

Bolivian Caranavi Villa Oriente, Organic Fair Trade


Guatemala Direct Trade Coffee Video

Here is a new video we just shot while touring our Direct Trade Partners in Guatemala

Guatemala Montecristo Estate - Micro Lot from Russ Prefontaine on Vimeo.