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I'm sure you are like everyone else and have been wanting to taste our coffee at home.

NOW YOU CAN!!  We have finally updated our website to include a selection of the coffee which WE are most excited about.  This selection will continually change to offer our fresh crop and auction lot/award winning arrivals.  We will also be including merchandise and other "stuff" down the road.

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Colombian Tolima Tierra - Direct Trade Coffee

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our newest Direct Trade coffee, a Colombian coffee from the region of Tolima. For the rest of this season, we are offering some of the best coffee from Colombia there is.  We have been working hard to find a co-operative to work with since judging the Cup of Excellence Competition back in March 2009.  Since then our standards for Colombian coffee went through the roof, and needless to say, it has not been easy finding something to meet our new expectations.

This particular lot has prominent aromas of brown sugar, apricot and star anise with a red apple sweetness & acidity. Flavors of toffee and caramel finish notably clean.

Cupping Score: 89.0

This lot is the sum of the work from 44 individual farms, each contributing the equivalent of about 2 and a half bags (about 185kg) of finished coffee. It comes from the very mountainous area in the southern end of Tolima, around Planadas near the border with Huila.  Tolima is filled with an ecosystem of numerous rivers, lakes and abundant native forests which is the optimal area for growing coffee.


Public coffee cuppings at Fratello

Our first public cupping this week was a great success!   We had a lot of fun and got to taste some amazing Ethiopian coffees with fellow coffee enthusiasts.  It just wouldn't be fair to share these coffees with others.

We will be doing an exploration of 6-10 different Indonesian and Sumatran selections first week of December.  Stay tuned for the actual date/time which we will announce next week.

Here are a couple photos from the event.

A celebration of 7 Ethiopian Coffees

We want to invite anyone who loves specialty coffee, especially Ethiopian Coffees to come by Fratello Coffee tomorrow at 11:30 am. 

We are going to be hosting a free cupping for the public, of 7 very rare and special Ethiopian coffees.  What we will be cupping is:

  1. Ethiopian Beloya Micro Lot#12, Full Natural
  2. Ethiopian Beloya Micro Lot#10, Full Natural
  3. Ethiopian Aricha Micro Lot#26, Full Natural
  4. Ethiopian Aricha Micro Lot#14, Full Natural
  5. Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley, Organic, Full Natural
  6. Ethiopian Sidamo, Organic Fairtrade, Fully Washed
  7. Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, Organic, Full Natural

This is going to be very casual.  We want to share with you some of the most sought after Ethiopians every processed, all on one table for you to enjoy. 

We are located at:

4021 - 9th Street SE

Tel - 403-265-2112.

Bolivian Cup of Excellence Coffee - Cafe Central Lot #6

Fratello just won another Cup of Excellence coffee Lot.  The auction just finished and was one of the longest bidding wars I can remember.  After it was all said and done, the #1 lot was sold for $35.05/lb (green) which is a new record for Bolivian Specialty Coffees.

This stretched on for almost 7 hours!  Fratello chose to puchase Lot # 6 which was also given a Presidental Award.  A Presidental Award is given to any coffee which scores over a 90.00 in the Cup of Excellence compitition.

Lot#: 6 Luis Huayhua Chiji - Café Central - Jury Score 90.71

Below is information on the coffee that we will be sharing with all of our friends/clients in the new year.

Luis Huayhua is father of three children. He is married to Zenobia Charca, a coffee producer for over 20 years and winner of the Cup of Excellence 2008. He arrived in Alto Beni from Achacachi in the Bolivian high plains (the altiplano) with her parents when he was 10 years old. Luis learned about coffee production as a child, while working alongside his parents, but he had never processed coffee. For this reason, de-pulping, fermenting, washing and drying there coffee to participate in the competition presented a challenge for him. (more…)