Bolivia - Cup of Excellence cupping

This is an exciting event for myself. I have been invited to join the international cupping jury for the 2007 Cup of Excellence competition in Bolivia.

"You are formally invited to be a member of the international jury for the Bolivia Cup of Excellence® competition that will be held in Coroico, Bolivia, from October 8th- 12th, 2007. The Bolivia Cup of Excellence competition is coordinated by a group effort made up of industry organizations in Bolivia and is owned and managed by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE). We are thrilled to have you as a member of the international jury for this event and know that this competition will prove to be exciting and unforgettable for both the jury and the winning farmers."


Rainforest Alliance - Sete Cachoeiras Estate Coffee in Brazil


We recently had the pleasure of touring Brazil, and one of our main objectives was to visit Renato Farhat Brito and his father Marcelo Renato Brito who own and operate the Sete Cachoeiras Estate Coffee farm in Sul De Minas Brazil (Sul De Minas is one of the largest coffee growing areas in Brazil).

The reason we wanted to visit this farm in particular is because it is one of approximately 15 farms in Brazil that are certified Rainforest Alliance. What makes Sete Cachoeiras unique over the other Rainforest Alliance farms is that they go well beyond their requirements for certification, and when they originally applied for this certification, it took very little effort to accomplish this goal as Renato and Marcelo already believed and practiced the philosophy’s of protecting the environment and treating their employees with the respect and compensation that they deserved.   This farm is also Utz Kapeh Certified.


Our trip to Brazil!

I am sitting here looking out the window at the beautiful coast of Victoria, Brazil, getting ready for a long journey home. We have had an amazing much to be said in this one entry. We learned so much, and I am personally looking forward to bringing this knowledge back home to our customers.Not only that, there have been many new relationships begun, and incredible stories of people going far above and beyond what is normal as it relates to coffee quality, agricultural innovation, and environmental & social practices. We are excited to tell these stories, share their coffee with you & support these new friends of ours.Lots more to be said, but that is all for now. Time to head home! See you soon.