First Slayer in Calgary!!

It has been a little bit of a wait, and a very exciting one in deed, but the wait is over. The first of many Slayer installations in Calgary has finally happend at Caffe Beano.Their 3 gp Slayer was installed a few days ago and both Jay and Dan have been working to ensure that this machine is working perfectly.....and it is.We went by Caffe Beano yesterday (a Wednesday) to make a few additional tweaks, and they mentioned that they have been busier than normal since the installation took place. They are doing the volumes typically seen on a weekend, in fact, people that normally have 1 espressoo are having 2 or 3 because they taste so good. WOW, what a difference an amazing piece of machinery makes. Below image show Dan making some final calibrations.

Clover- A Revolution in Specialty Coffee Brewing

Jason Prefontaine and I visited the Coffee Equipment Company in Seattle recently to see what's behind their new Clover 1s brewer. Though this machine has been around for a couple of years, most people only know it from what can be seen on the outside. That is an automated by-the-cup brewer that allows the user to make a number of adjustments via a slick iPod-like control wheel. Seeing the machine in operation most people may also guess (correctly) that the Clover 1s uses a permanent micron-scale metallic filter--not disposable paper or cloth filters.Inside the Clover 1s, however, lies the heart and soul of this machine. There you find the meticulous design that makes the 1s such a beautiful device, as beautiful inside as it is outside. The Clover 1s mechanism is laid out logically and pleasingly. The workings of the 1s are crafted from well-conceived components, some of them expensive custom machined parts, meshed magnificently with a brilliant and inspired electronics package. The inside of the Clover exudes a sense of functional robustness and a high degree of engineering competence. I should also mention that the Clover 1s was articulately, passionately, and energetically represented by Coffee Equipment Company super-technician Jason Schroeder who toured us through the inner workings of the machine, and how to maintain it.


El Salvador Cup of Excellence

Fratello Coffee Co wins again!!!!

We participated in another Cup of Excellence (COE) auction and won our second FULL lot. This one is very small, only 12 bags.   I assume this is going to arrive late August.  This is a very exciting time.   Fratello Coffee Co has always been about quality and we have always wanted to push the limits on quality, and finally, our market is starting to desire the same quality that our family has been raised on.   To be able to source and supply our clients with the best coffees on the planet makes my job as a cupper/importer a lot more enjoyable.     We can’t wait for you to taste this coffee.